Thin End of the Wedge Interviews

The London Centre for the Ancient Near East would like to invite
colleagues to a special lecture in collaboration with the podcast,
Thin End of the Wedge.

Monday 18th October 6:15pm UK time:
Amir al-Zubaidi. Nasiriyah Museum, and engaging Nasiriyans with
cultural heritage.

Amir al-Zubaidi is Director of Nasiriyah Museum, and now Director of
Archaeology for Dhi Qar province. He introduces us to Nasiriyah
Museum, and discusses both his achievements so far and his dreams for
the future. What interests the people of Nasiriyah, and what role does
heritage play in civic life there? We also get to learn a little about
Amir himself.

This is the first in an experimental mini-series where we hear the
thoughts of colleagues who are doing important work in Iraq. Yet while
their work may be well known in Iraq itself, few in the UK or the
wider western world know anything about it. This may be partly because
of the nature of the specialist’s position, or the low level of Arabic
language skills in the west.

With the help of interpreter Zainab Mizyidawi, Amir was interviewed in
Arabic and the results have been translated into English. The event
will start with an introduction. Then the interview (in English) will
be played, accompanied by a slideshow. At the end, Amir will take part
in a live Q&A session. Zainab will provide English-Arabic translation.

These events will run under the usual Zoom link for our LCANE lecture series.

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Meeting ID: 953 0536 0604
Passcode: 639505

The format will be a short introduction followed by a pre-recorded segment with opportunity for viewers to post questions in the chat. Afterwards there will be a chance for a live translated Question and Answer session with the guest of the evening.

Oct. 18th 6.15pm: Amir Al-Zubaidi, Director of Nasiriyah Museum. Amir discusses his successful work engaging Iraqi audiences with their ancient heritage. Recorded interview, with live Q&A.

Nov. 15th TBC.