UCL: Languages of the Ancient Middle East. 

Akkadian Sumerian and Hittite can be studied as part of a BA Classics and the Ancient World in the Department of Greek and Latin, or as part of a BA Ancient Languages in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

Akkadian with the communicative approach is also offered as an extracurricular (not for credit) by the UCL Living Classical Languages Society

Institute of Archaeology

Archaeology, including Near East (BA or BSc)

Our BA and BSc degrees are designed to provide extensive general training in archaeology: you can expect to learn about a full range of theoretical, analytical and field methods from some of the world’s leading archaeological researchers. You will also have the opportunity to follow your interests in particular chronological periods, geographical areas or special fields of study.

Archaeology of the Middle East (MA)

This one-year programme combines advanced study in the archaeology of the Middle East with an unrivalled range of options in World Archaeology, Applied Archaeological Science, Cultural Heritage, and Ancient History. The core course of the degree situates the Middle East firmly within the wider perspective of World Archaeology, both in terms of method and theory, and also by confronting the wealth of new evidence for early interconnections and exchanges between the Middle East and other parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Egyptian Archaeology (BA)

This degree is designed for students who wish to specialise from the start in Egyptian archaeology, and it is the only UK degree to combine the theory and practice of archaeology with detailed study of Egyptian sites.

Egyptian Archaeology (MA)

The degree is designed for students from a range of disciplinary backgrounds including but not exclusively Egyptology and is a possible path for those considering doctoral research. The programme provides students with a detailed understanding of the current issues and debates within Egyptian archaeology. Students will have access to a range of primary research collections housed at the Institute of Archaeology and the Petrie Museum. The Institute also has ongoing fieldwork projects and staff members are involved in internationally-recognised research on many of the topics covered. The course is available full-time over one calendar year or part-time over two calendar years (commencing September).


Ancient History and Egyptology (BA, UCL History and IoA)

This three-year specialist degree is taught jointly between the History Department and the Institute of Archaeology. It enables students to study the history, culture and language of ancient Egypt in the wider framework of the history of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern world from the early third millennium to the end of the first millennium BC. The programme invites you to approach Egypt in three distinct ways: as an historian, as an archaeologist (through its material culture) and as a philologist (through its language).

Ancient History (BA)

Studying History at UCL gives you opportunities to explore the subject which are probably unrivalled anywhere else in the UK or Europe. This degree focuses on the ancient history of the Near East, Egypt and the Mediterranean world from the third millennium BC to late antiquity.

Ancient History (MA)

MA Ancient History and MA Late Antique and Byzantine Studies are Intercollegiate degrees and courses are offered by other UCL departments and King’s College London and Royal Holloway.

Archaeology – Certificates and Short Courses:

The Ancient Near East in the 2nd Mill. BC: Early Empires and International Relations (LBA) Jan.-Mar. 2018.