Spring Public Lectures 2019: Gods of Old

SOAS University of London, Russell Square, London WC1

Senate House North Block, Room 110 Alumni Lecture Theatre

Mondays at 6.15 pm



the mythology of ancient iraq

 14 January Andrew George (SOAS): Introducing the Gods of Old: The mythology of ancient Iraq

21 January: Kamran Zand (Heidelberg): The Mythology of Sumer: the Oldest Known Stories

4 February Jens Braarvig (Oslo): The Mythologies of Mesopotamia and India: Are They Connected?

18 February: Gösta Gabriel (Göttingen): Ashurbanipal’s Library and the Babylonian Creation Epic

4 March: Manuel Ceccarelli (Geneva): Myth and Magic: Creating Human Beings in Ancient Mesopotamia

18 March Annette Zgoll (Göttingen): What is Mesopotamian Mythology? And How to Understand it

Convened by Andrew George, Dept of History, Religions and Philosophies

The London Centre for the Ancient Near East http://banealcane.org/lcane/

Supported by the Thriplow Charitable Trust