LCANE Autumn Lecture Series: Achaemenids and Seleucids.

London Centre for the Ancient Near East

Seminar Series Autumn 2023


In honour of the work of Amélie Kuhrt

Convened by Lindsay Allen and Mark Weeden. Mostly Mondays, 6.15pm in Lecture Theatre G6, UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY, UK, except the last lecture in the series (Henkelman), see below.

There is no need to register to attend in-person, but if you want to attend online, please register with Eventbrite here

Mon Oct. 16th Kathryn Stevens (Oxford): Hellenism revisited: the case of Babylonia

Kathryn Stevens’ handout will be available from this dropbox link at the latest by 5pm on October 16th.

Mon Oct. 30th Mateen Arghandehpour (UCL): Persian religion in the Greco-Persian Wars: the case of Athens

Online attendance at Mateen Arghandehpour’s lecture via Eventbrite here

Mon. Nov. 20th Josef Wiesehöfer (Kiel): Cyrus, Mirrors of Princes, and Christoph Martin Wieland

Online Attendance at Josef Wiesehöfer’s lecture via Eventbrite here

POSTPONED: Mon. Dec. 4th Eleanor Robson and Parsa Daneshmand (UCL): Debts, dates and donkeys: exploring the archives of Achaemenid Kish – This event has had to be postponed. Watch this space for details of a date in the spring. 

Thurs. Dec. 14th Wouter Henkelman (Paris): Achaemenid Babylonia and the building of Persepolis LOCATION: Senate House, G 22/26 – in collaboration with the Ancient History Seminar, Institute for Classical Studies.

Online Attendance at Wouter Henkelman’s lecture via Eventbrite here,, @londoncentrene